Friday, February 11, 2011

In Defense of the Hallmark Holiday

Heh. Remember those two? Yep, that was us just after we'd gotten engaged after dating for all of like four months. But y'know, when you know, you know. I just remember the first couple of days we were in Hawaii, reading in USA Today, how Disney had just aired a movie that was the highest rated cable program ever and how like five songs from it were on iTunes' top 10. That movie was the first High School Musical, so anytime I forget how long we've been together, I just have to look up HSM to figure that out. Yep, that's how my brain functions! (Getcha Head In The Game!)
I know a lot of single folk hate Valentines Day. They feel excluded because they aren't in a relationship. To these people, I say, count your blessings. Go out, get drunk and have sex. Most of us in relationships will only be doing ONE of those things!
Not that I regret my station in life, I completely understand how fortunate I am, but being in a relationship kinda sucks at times. That's why they don't make movies or TV shows about people that have been married for a long time, or if they do, it's all about raising kids or the couple seems to completely hate each other (Everybody Love Raymond? King of Queens?). Dating? Being single? That's interesting. Parent teacher conferences? Picking out carpet? Deciding what's for dinner? Not so much.
I never understood until just recently how freakin' important date nights are. Because it's just like dating all over again! No kids, no work (especially important, if you are married to a workaholic whose Blackberry is always firmly in hand), no money/bills (especially important if you are married to a shopaholic, ahem)...just each other. Just going out, being TOGETHER and enjoying each other's company. VITAL!
Valentine's Day is kind of like a "Congratulations! Neither of you killed the other this year! You should totally celebrate!" It's true! Sometimes you just want to kill your better half, but you don't and for that, you deserve a dozen roses and a lovely dinner.
So to those not in relationships, feeling excluded by a "Hallmark Holiday," I say DON'T feel bad. Feel lucky that you don't NEED Valentine's Day! Feel lucky that you probably get laid more than three times a year! Enjoy it while you can! Meanwhile, don't begrudge us battle-worn married for celebrating another year down, 50 more to go!

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