Thursday, March 31, 2011

2am Blog Y'all! (AKA I'ma Be Worthless At Work Tomorrow... Whenever I Show Up!)

This has me giddy! FX is developing a live-action show based on the ground-breaking comic Powers about cops that work in a world filled with super heroes. I love me some Powers! It's excellent, even though on occasion, I find myself struggling with "Wait am I supposed to read both pages across or read one page, then the other?" Aaaaaaand... it kinda jumps the shark later on, but I LOVE the first several years worth! So anyway, they're developing a series based on it and they are wooing Kyle Chandler to (I'm guessing) play Christian Walker. I mean he isn't quite as built as Christian... no non-illustration is! But Kyle Chandler holds a special place in my heart. I guess he was one of my first celebrity crushes, back when I was in high school and he was on a show that no one remembers but me, called Homefront.
He went on to star in Early Edition and Friday Night Lights and I watched neither. Sue me. Yeah, I KNOW FNL was great and all and at some point before I die, I may check it out.

Thing is, Kyle is like my first love. Not my real first love, not the guy I was first attracted to, but like my celebrity first love. So if he stars as Christian Walker, it's like him coming back to me 20 years later and telling me he loves me after all. That 20-mumble-something years ago, we shoulda been together! So CMON Kyle! Say yes! Be Christian Walker! I need you back in my life (and being on football shows was not the way to go)!

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