Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tune In Tuesday - Belated Edition

I actually had an idea for Tune In yesterday, but I must have slept VERY poorly Monday night, because I was exhausted all day yesterday. I came home from work and went to bed and there went Tuesday!But anyway, I am delighted to report that Syfy has renewed Being Human for a second series. I LOVE this show! It's so well done and you just get wrapped up in the characters! I didn't quite buy the events of this last episode with the werewolf "dog fight," but the stories are developing nicely and I thoroughly look forward to each new episode, which is rare.
Also renewed is the Little Cop Show That Could, Southland. I have NO idea how I got wrapped up in this show. I never watch cop shows. I think I just started watching because Ben McKenzie was on it. (Yum!... then again, the whole cast is attractive. It's like a CW teen drama for grown-ups!) Once again, the stories are very engaging. Things really came to a head in this past season finale. I was really thrown when probably the most sympathetic and likable character was shockingly killed off this past season, which just goes to show that the producers are willing to keep you on your toes and to take risks. This show started off on NBC but was cancelled. TNT picked it up and I'm glad it's working out, because it's a really good show.
So yeah, just a couple of plugs for shows I like!

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