Friday, March 18, 2011

EXTRA: Hunger Games Casting

Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence is OFFICIALLY Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movie. I don't have an opinion. Well, I mean... I haven't SEEN Winter's Bone, so... all I have to go by are pictures. I mean, she looks okay. I assume she'll dye her hair darker for the role. Winter's Bone is supposed to be really good. It didn't look appealing to me, but I may check it out now.

In my mind, Katniss seemed very dark, olive skin, dark hair... plus she is completely without vanity. She has no concern or even awareness of what she looks like. In a way, she kinda always looked a bit dirty in my mind, but not in a bad way, just in a "Oh, I have dirt on my face. Don't care!" kinda way. I'm okay with this. I may have leaned more toward someone with darker skin, but at this stage, I'm just glad it's not Meagan Fox, at least!

So now... about the rest of the cast. Here is an article from MTV with picks for Peeta and Gale:

Obviously, some great ideas, some fucking retarded ones. Logan Lerman as Gale? Are you fucking kidding me? Let me discuss... (Oh PS, I totally chose pics of the actors based on how hot they looked!)Hunter Parrish is allegedly a front-runner for Peeta and I'm okay with that. The one drawback is, he might be slightly too old. But he'd be a solid pick, although not my #1.Fuck Alex Pettyfer. This is just based on his breakup with Dianna Agron. He apparently cheated on her, was super controlling (he made her fire her entire management team) and is now kinda psycho stalking her. He was apparently so creepy on the set of Beastly, constantly pressuring Vanessa Hudgens to sleep with him that she could barely be in the same room with him by the end of filming! DOUCHE!!! CREEP!!! FUCK OFF!!! I will be LIVID if he is cast and... wait for it... probably won't even go see it!!! YEAH, I said it!!!
Josh Hutcherson is a contender for Peeta, but with his dark features, I can see him as Gale. Strangely I could see him in either role. Cathy thinks Peeta should be beefy, so if that's the case, he works. But stillllll... he's make a good Gale. Just sayin'.My lovely Chord Overstreet would look delectable on a giant screen... but I actually had him in mind for Finnick from Catching Fire. So I'm sticking with that. Save him for the second one.
I read one suggestion not mentioned in the MTV article and that hadn't occurred to me, William Moseley from the Narnia movies. He'd work. Not my top pick, but he's a solid choice. I'd be cool with that.

As for my pick from Day One:
Alexander Ludwig, star of some dreadful Disney movies, he, like Josh Hutcherson, is one where I've kinda had my eye on for a while in that "Oh-shit-he's-gonna-be-so-hot-aaaaaaany-day-now!!!" kinda way. That day has arrived! He's just got the perfect look... blond, gorgeous, but in a white bread, innocent kinda way. Chord Overstreet is gorgeous but TOO gorgeous for Peeta. He's DEFINITELY Finnick! Alexander is more natural everyday boy-next-door attractive.

Oh... was acting ability supposed to factor in at some point? Okay, so they're all pretty boys. But I honestly think they're all decent actors too. Josh Hutcherson in particular is great. They're ALL good, though. None is JUST a pretty face. It's not like when Hollywood tried to make Paul Walker happen. Or Casper Van Dein before that.

Now, as for Gale, the PERFECT option would be a younger Adrian Grenier, like circa Drive Me Crazy, but he's too old now and that would just be creepy. One of the top suggestions I've seen is Ethan Peck, who was on the TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You. Well... he kinda looks like a young Adrian Grenier, so... that's a plus. Like with Katniss though, I kinda want someone with olive skin. That's just how I picture him/them.A name I didn't recognize that came in #1 on Entertainment Weekly's poll was Drew Roy. He looks very close, but I'm not familiar with him, since his biggest roles have been on Hannah Montana and iCarly. He was in Secretariat, too. No further comment. But he looks a tad too baby-faced. Isn't Gale a couple years older than Katniss? Taylor Lautner was mentioned, but does ANYONE want to see that happen? No. I mean, he's pretty, but... just no.
If he beefed up, what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Too old? Hmmm.

It can't all be about the pretty young things, though. One of the most pivotal roles is Haymitch, the kids' mentor, a former tribute that is now a pathetic drunk.
Robert Downey Jr. has been a contender from the beginning. I can see it! He'd probably do well. But is he too big a star at this point?
I was thinking more John Goodman. I mean, he's pretty much the Haymitch I envisioned the whole time I was reading. I think he'd be perfect!

Well, more to come as more announcements are made! But those are my thoughts so far!

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