Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Wednesday (Also Late Tune In Tuesday)

I think I'ma just retire Tune In Tuesday, because as you may or may not know, Tuesday is my Friday, ie the end of my work week. I'm just too damn tired to muster the energy to do this on a Tuesday afternoon. (I'm more concerned with getting to the bottom of a Jim Beam bottle. I think I've decided I'm just going to rock my alcoholism as a Badge of Honor at this point. It worked for the Rat Pack!) Anyhoo... Britney Spears put out a new album and I bought it... it was like a weird reflex action! It was like Britney?! BUY!!! "Hold It Against Me," was a universally panned and her second single "Till The World Ends" is EXCRUCIATINGLY mediocre... I mean didn't Jay Sean JUST put out an almost identical song, "2011 (The End Of The World)?" The whole deal is mediocre. I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel and I think she even stopped wearing a microphone when she performs! (I think. I was pretty drunk at the time.) It's like, "I'm Britney, bitch! I don't really sing!" She's just rubbing our faces in it now! WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU?!?!
I fully intend on seeing Super this Friday. Anyone else want in?
RED BOOTS MUTHAFUCKA!!! Look what a bunch of angry, miserable, anonymous bloggers can accomplish! Not only did they swap out those ridiculous plastic pants, but they switched off to the classic red boots! I'm still not in love with this look... I still think she needs some kind of straps for the bodice, but it looks a gajillion times better than that first image! The bracelets alone look MUCH better in actual metallic silver, although the gold still looks a tad muddled.

Yeah, her forehead mole is evident, but god dammit, LEAVE WONDER WOMAN ALONE!!! I refuse to jump on the misogynist bandwagon of people judging her physical appearance. She's a lovely girl! If I must find fault, it is that she's a lovely girl. She still looks a tad young to be Wonder Woman, but I once again, do not think this show will make or break based on her.

In this pic, she kinda looks like Julia Stiles and I DARE you to find fault with Julia Stiles!

I'm getting more and more on-board! Wurq it, WW!

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