Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WONDERful News Wednesday

Christy Marx, the head writer and story editor and all-around champion of Jem has announced that Shout! Factory will be releasing new DVDs of the beloved hit cartoon series this year! No additional word, other than confirmation on Shout! Factory's end. Shout! Factory has LONG been a champion of fan-favorite/cult properties, not only giving series like Freaks & Geeks and MTV's The State DVD releases, but lavish, deluxe sets with beautiful packaging and TONS of extras! While it's common knowledge that cartoon boxed sets aren't huge sellers, here's hoping that there's enough love for Jem (apparently, now and forevermore known as Jem & The Holograms... to differentiate from the real singer, perhaps?) that we'll finally see the release of the second half of the second season and the entire third season! How about a soundtrack CD as a bonus?!

(The first season and a half were released probably a decade ago by Rhino and while they DID include some nice extras, the packaging was pretty terrible and of course they let their license expire without completing the series!)

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  1. I'm slightly disturbed that my first response to this post is 'help me synergy'

  2. In a good way or a bad way? I'll be helping myself to these DVDs! There's even some rumor that they may release the whole series in one boxed set! That would be HEAVEN!