Friday, March 18, 2011

Aw Crap

Welp. There it is. What we've all been speculating about. The official Wonder Woman costume from the TV show.

Sigh. I will freely admit that there is a certain impracticality to Wonder Woman traditonal costume, which is why I was semi-defensive of the switch to the current look.But the new costume doesn't address ANY of the impracticalities of the classic comic book costume at all! They just traded out some impracticalities for others or left the impracticalities in and made random changes just to make changes! It's still silly!

#1. The number one complaint people had about WW's costume: How do her boobs keep from popping out? At least the new comic suit has straps. (Lots and lots of straps.) With this one... she's one twist away from her getting lots and lots of beads. (Mardi Gras reference. Like that? Topical!) No more or less practical than the drawings of her!

#2. Pants. Really why? AT LEAST, these appear to have some gold stars down the sides of the legs which makes them immediately better than the comic book leggings.

#3. What the fuck is that made of? Plastic? It seriously looks like plastic! It looks like if this were a Halloween costume (which it DOES look like), it wouldn't survive the night... a night of standing, walking, sitting and maybe wiggling to Ke$ha. It looks like it would rip apart at the seams if you turned too far to one direction. At least Lynda Carter's costume looked like fabric! It looked like it could move in any direction and they designed her bodice to accommodate her movements as well. I'd have been WAY cool with high-tech looking fabric like Superman's from Superman Returns or Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man costumes. This just looks cheap cheap CHEAP!
#4. Heels? Seriously? I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, most women can't even stand or walk in heels! Yet, Wonder Woman is supposed to run after bad guys, climb buildings, leap great distances, and overall kick ass in them?! How many twisted ankles to you think Adrienne Palicki will have before the end of season one?

#5. And why blue? Is that somehow less silly than red? Because considering they went with a straight up, primary-colored super suit, why not go with a boot that contrasts her leggings rather than go monochromatic on her lower half. (Another major gripe people have with the new comic suit.)

#6. The rest. The tiara is the new one. It's okay. I'd have preferred the original but at this point, who cares? The belt is too busy. The good: I like the repeated red star motif. I like the chest logo. At least she has her magic lasso and bracelets! I don't mind the gold touches on the boots either and as I said before I like the addition of gold stars to the leggings. I should be glad they kept her looking like a super hero, but... like I said, the traditional costume had its faults and this new suit doesn't address ANY of them! It's just another silly impractical suit! The changes are pointless!


  1. She looks like she's gonna be super swampy at the end of a day of fighting injustice! Whatever that fabric is, it sure doesn't look like it breathes.

  2. For real!

    Also, the reviews are pretty universally bad with everyone having their own likes and pretty much sharing their dislikes.

  3. this costume is NOT an uniform of an Amazon Princess

  4. Thanks for the comment, Wonder Man! I agree and hope that since the reaction has been pretty much universally negative (except for Topless Robot who seemed to like it), they can adjust it.