Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonder Wednesday

Been really busy lately, so sorry for not posting more! But anyway, jumping right back into it... filming has begun on the Wonder Woman TV show. STILL not sure how to feel about this and I think most of fandom feels the same way. Everyone's bracing for a train wreck. NO ONE is genuinely excited about the prospect!
Here is a more recent pic of star Adrienne Palicki. She's certainly beautiful and DOES look older than she did in earlier shots I'd seen. I'm not sold, but I'm definitely giving her the benefit of the doubt.The above shot is of Elizabeth Hurley as super villain Veronica Cale on set, filming the first episode.
You know what's funny? I don't remember whether or not Elizabeth Hurley is a good actress! I know she was never a Meryl Streep, but I don't remember if she was a Meagan Fox, either. I remember liking Austin Powers. But that's not really a stretch. What else was she in? I don't even recall!

As Steve Trevor, an actor named John Tucker has been cast. (That sentence was kinda Yoda-y wasn't it? Sorry.) I've never heard of him, but it was hard to find a picture of him because all I could find were pictures from that shitty John Tucker Must Die movie... you know, Ashanti's big screen debut. Legendary. He's nice looking but maybe too pretty. It's possible, he looks more rugged in other pics... y'know the ones I couldn't find. Lyle Waggoner embodied Steve's rugged, charming sex appeal perfectly in the 70s. Who knows, though, like everyone/thing else involved in this, I'll give him a shot and see how it goes.

(EDIT: Um, just looked again and it's BRETT Tucker, not John... did I just for some reason have John Tucker Must Die in my brain?!)

Cary "I've Seen Better Days" Elwes has been cast as Henry Detmer (or possibly Demeter), the CEO of Themyscira Industries, who I believe in the original treatment was supposed to be in love with Diana, but I hope that's been dropped because EEEEEEWWWWWWWW! Remember how handsome he used to be? Now he's got that coke bloat going on big time. I'm calling it that. I don't know if that's really why his head is so fat now, but he's an actor so it's certainly reasonable.

That's not the reason I hope they dropped him as a possible love interest, though. It's that he's just too old now. Even though Diana is thousands of years old, she looks 22.

I get the impression that Cary and Elizabeth are considered "stunt casting." Like they're supposed to be big names and have some drawing power. Um, I think Tiffany and Debbie Gibson in Mega Python Vs. Gateroid were a bigger draw!

In a twist, Wonder Woman's fat sidekick in the 40s/military woman of action in the present/best friend always, Etta Candy is being portrayed by Tracie Thoms, an African American actress. Va va voom! She was in Rent, which I didn't really care for, but that certainly wasn't her fault, so I won't hold that against her. She was also a regular on Cold Case. I never watched it religiously, but I've seen it and I guess she was okay on that.

I desperately hope they don't just use her as the stereotypical sassy black sidekick... even though I LOVE a sassy black sidekick. It's just there seems to be a lot of stereotypical, by the numbers junk in the pilot, so I hope there are SOME fresh ideas.

Otherwise, they should have just gone with classic Fatty McFatfat Etta, because Americans think fat people are HI-LAAAAAAAAAAARIOUS!!! Right, Mo'Nique?
Finally, another actor I have never heard of, Pedro Pascal, has been cast as Inspector Ed Indelicato. (Gratuitous shirtless pic to your right -->) In both Etta's and Indelicato's cases, I see that they have prettied up two typically unattractive characters. (Modern Etta isn't unattractive, but... she certainly doesn't look like Ms. Thoms above!) But Indelicato is not attractive AT ALL in the comics! So that's the biggest switcheroo. It IS TV after all. No one wants to watch a bunch of fugs do anything! Or if they do, they should check out MTV's Skinz. OOOOOOHHHHHH! He vaguely looks like what would happen if Antonio Sabato Jr and Jeremy Renner had a love child.

Here's the official logo. Looks good to me.

So, I don't have many opinions on things just yet, because... well the thing hasn't been made yet. The plot sounds like a drag and too similar to Catwoman's. I don't like the overuse of tired pop songs ("Single Ladies," "Bad Romance"), but... things change. Actors brings things to roles. Things get rewritten, edited, tweaked. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. After all the hype, I can't imagine NBC will pass on making this an ongoing show... or if they do, will they at least air the pilot? I mean, no matter how terrible, I still want to see it... at least so I can bitch about it and tear it to pieces on this blog!

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