Monday, March 14, 2011

MANic Monday - The Hot One In Blue Scrubs

There's this show The Doctors that I sometimes see on at work in the break room. It's kind of interesting, like Dr. Oz, but there are four of them and one of them is hot. I call him "The Hot One In Blue Scrubs."So on a recent episode, they did this thing where one of them was going to have to take their shirt off and immediately in my mind, I was like "PleaseBeTheHotOneInBlueScrubs! PleaseBeTheHotOneInBlueScrubs! PleaseBeTheHotOneInBlueScrubs! PleaseBeTheHotOneInBlueScrubs!" It wasn't. Boo. But I found out he has taken his shirt off a couple other times. (I also found out, interestingly, that he has a real name: Travis Stork. Oh. That's unfortunate. AND that he used to be The Bachelor!) Well, anyway, take it away THOIBS!
I should just make this blog all MANic Mondays. Those are the easiest ones... because posting pictures is way easier than. y'know, makin' up sentences and stuff. (As evidenced by last weeks small smattering of posts... and now that I think about it, it was basically two MANics!) Sigh.

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